GamerPhix is being constructed in order to give a refreshing and simpleton take on Gaming, a hobby that has been growing by leaps and bounds as technology continues to take over our daily lives. As nerd culture blossoms and the porn industry pushes advance computer graphics, money has found a new home in the booming industry of gaming.   Gaming being eerily similar of past capitalistic revolutions, has found itself bombarded by poor labor practices and mass money making schemes. GamerPhix will try to play devils advocate as the industry's heart and soul is contended with between big business and the fans.   The concept in practice here is that a smarter consumer makes a smarter market, which in turn makes a better game in these strange times. This site is made to help the consumer and developers make sense of the growing pains to a rapidly expanding hobby that is potentially the greatest art form the human species as ever created, at least thus far.


GamerPhix is a site created by a dork ass nerd that wants to scam you out of your extra transaction money so they can continue to live as a dork ass nerd. The only upside is that the dork ass nerd inherently cares too much about pixels on a screen, AKA gaming, and will try to white knight the gaming hobby in order to feel some sort of justification for trying to get your currency. There is no professional experience other than being a PC gamer for over 25 years and is old. 
   In those years of old, they have collected a variety of gamer acquaintances that also hate themselves enough to prefer the warm glow of pixels over the tragedy that is self realization. That collection of minds will be used to create content and articles aimed at showcasing gaming as a revolutionary experience for people and not the downfall of humanity as older media platforms would have you believe. 
   The website is not just about a bunch of nobodies talking about their hobby though, the site is also about signal boosting a bunch of other well adjusted people that have something useful to say about the hobby and how you might navigate the complexity of it.


Complexity? Is this not a site about the childish electric boxes and their funny moving pictures? It is, but we here at GamerPhix obviously see them outside their central construct