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GamerPhix is being constructed in order to give a look at how virtual games are one of humanity's finest arts and how that art is being degraded by turning them into psychological programs that take advantage of their users. As nerd culture blossoms and the porn industry pushes advanced computer graphics, money has found a new home in the booming industry of gaming.  

      The Gaming Industry being similar to past industry transitions into major markets, has found itself bombarded by poor labor practices and mass money making schemes that infringe upon the users experience; then making it more program than game. GamerPhix will try to play devil's advocate as the industry's heart and soul is contended with by big business and the fans who may be unwittingly taken advantage of. That if we are to take this hobby seriously or beyond its  current state, we must consider its merits or faults as an encapsulated virtual experience for the user beyond currency.


      The concept in practice here is that a smarter consumer makes a smarter market, which in turn makes a better game. This site is made to help the consumer and developers make sense of the growing pains to a rapidly expanding hobby that has great potential.



GamerPhix is a site created by a dork ass nerd that wants to scam you out of your extra transaction money so they can continue to live as a dork ass nerd. The only upside is that the dork ass nerd inherently cares too much about pixels on a screen and will try to white knight the gaming hobby in order to feel some sort of justification for trying to get your money. The product of this will hopefully be useful information that will better equip players when making their time and monetary investments in a game.

      In order to do this GamerPhix will provide content in multiple mediums to be fully effective. Whether it’s stupid dumb text reading or jingling keychain videos, the goal will be to inform the gamer, consumer, or public about the Gaming hobby and the prospects of its future. This content will also come from other losers who think pixels are the bees knees. 

      This is not an undertaking that can be handily handled single handedly, it will take multiple people and perspectives. This will come in the form of signal boosting other content creators or collabing in order to best construct our case for the preservation of Gaming as a full experience.



GamerPhix. In 2020, the gaming industry’s revenue grew 27% and its market value surpassed that of the Movie and Music industry combined. That said, the wolves are here with plenty of hyper capitalistic micro-dimming schemes to impose upon the fans. This site’s purpose is to expose those schemes so that we have smarter consumers that hold off these wolves from turning our beloved gaming experiences into money making algorithms with no real great adventure and every character is just paid copy and pasted code. That appears to be a line that has been blurred far too often for our hobby and needs some clarification.

      The most addicted of us gamers will know that as an overall investment, gaming’s value per hour beats out anything in the realm of entertainment. You can currently, in the U.S., purchase games that can last for 100+ hours with non-repeatable content at $59.99. If we beat this game at 130 hours, then we are looking at about 46 cents per hour for entertainment value. Compare that to the movie or music industry and you may start to see why people are flocking to the hobby.  Seeing these numbers, you are probably thinking, ‘then why should we care about some hyper capitalistic micro-dimming schemes mixed in?’

      A concerning part is the schemes are starting to encroach upon the integrity of the games and the overall user experience. The medium has always been susceptible to money sucker shenanigans but never has it been so blatant in its impact on the initial product experience gamers are having in the current rawring 20’s. This is a red flag to the integrity and potential of our glorious as fuck hobby; especially when said hobby could possibly be the seed to an advanced civilizations greatest works of art.



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